K-9 Scent Crew
The K-9 Scent Crew, Inc. is an organization formed for the purpose of offering scent work events and workshops. Our dogs and those competing have been trained similarly to dogs who are trained to detect explosives or drugs.  The difference is that our dogs do it for fun and are searching for essential oil odor.  There are three odors used depending on the level that the dog is competing at:  Birch, Anise and Clove.  There is a very minute quantity of oil placed on Q-tips that are hidden in a search area. The smell is not detectable by people but the dogs' amazing noses hopefully guide them to the odor.
There are several different types of searches.  The dogs can search different kinds of containers or boxes. There is a search of an interior room or area.  Sometimes searches are outside.  Hides can also be placed on vehicles.  There are also searches for speed and distance from the handler.
K-9 Scent Crew hosts Performance Scent Dog Trials and has hosted an Odor Recognition Test for the National Association of Canine Scent Work, We will soon host NACSW events.  We have also hosted workshops with some of the leading trainers in the sport.

Our  scent work trials are held at various locations such as fairgrounds, camps, schools and community centers.  Here are some locations where we have held events.

Sumner County Fairgrounds - March 2018 - PSD Scent Work Trial

Volunteer State Community College - September 2018 - PSD Scent Work Trial

Livestock Center at MTSU - November 2018 - PSD Scent Work Judges Workshop

The Center (Community Center) - March 2019 - PSD Scent Work Trial

Volunteer State Community College - July 2019 - Scent Work Workshop with Jeff McMahon

Gallatin High School - August 2019- PSD Scent Work Trial

Liberty Elementary School (Shelbyville)- September 2019, October 2019, December 2019 - Scent Work Workshop with Margaret Trudrung

Whispering Pines Christian Camp - November 2019 - PSD Scent Work Trial

Bedford County Learning Academy - January 2020 - Scent Work Workshop with Margaret Trudrung

Murfreesboro Obedience Training Center - March 2020 - NACSW Odor Recognition Test

Volunteer State Community College - October 2020 - PSD Scent Work Trial

Robertson County Fairgrounds - April 2021 - PSD Scent Work Trial 


Exterior Search

Pictured above is Scotch in an Interior Search


Container Search


Exterior Search